The exciting first post

Hello world of blogging!

To be quite honest, I’m actually not the biggest fan of blogs. I feel like there are too many out there. Information overload, anyone? People just ramble on and on about who knows what with a bunch of unchecked facts and bad grammar. (No offense, I’m sure YOUR blog is not like this.) But enough with the blog bitterness. 

Last weekend I spent a good amount of time listening to the Lord and He (She?) gave me an idea. I don’t plan to share tons of details about my personal life here, but I will tell you a couple things. First, I have actively struggled with eating disorders since I was very young. Second, I love the Lord and believe that He wants to redeem and transform these struggles. Third, I think there are a lot of people out there in the same boat as me, and there aren’t a lot of resources in the midst of all the “pro-eating disorder” sites on the net. 

So my hope (and dare I say, calling) is to share resources, insights, and encouragement to those who are struggling with eating disorders or have loved ones going through this. Stay tuned for more stuff!

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