In Mark 9:14-29, the disciples encounter a man with his young lad who is possessed by a demon. The father finds Jesus and tells him, “I asked your disciples to drive out the spirit, but they could not.” After Jesus casts out the demon, the disciples ask him why they were unable to do so. Jesus replies, “This kind can only come out by prayer.”

Apparently, the disciples didn’t even pray before trying to exorcise the demon from the boy! Or perhaps they didn’t pray rightly. In either case, the truth behind this passage is that we must maintain constant prayer and recognize that we can’t cast out demons without the strength and guidance of Jesus.

I think the same goes with eating disorders. I’m not expert on demons or spiritual warfare, but maybe some anoretics, bulimics, and people with over-eating disorder have some food demons latched onto them. This could be taken literally or figuratively. I think that an essential part of recovery (which is a lifelong process for some) is prayer. Praying against temptations to throw up or restrict or overeat or over-exercise. Praying for renewal and strength from the Lord. Praying for guidance and wisdom when it comes to recovery. Praying for strong relationships and friendships in order to get the support you need. And prayer to bring us out of our self-centered worlds to see others while we work through healing.

P.S. fun fact: this post was difficult to type because I got bit by a fawn and have a bandage on my pointer finger. who gets bit by a deer?? Seriously.

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