“Full recovery from eating disorders is possible”

Many of us who have struggled with eating disorders know that going through a recovery program once or working through food issues during one period of life often doesn’t last forever. What I mean is that recovery is riddled with slip-ups, relapses, temptations, triggers, etc. 

I came across this article by Becky Henry last week and just the title alone has been an encouragement to me! FULL RECOVERY FROM EATING DISORDERS IS POSSIBLE. Those are words I don’t hear enough. I usually just hear (or think): this is something I will struggle with my whole life. Although this thinking is realistic for some, I think that at times it can quench the Spirit’s fire and God’s healing powers. I’m still trying to grasp what recovery from an ED really looks like, but in the midst of this battle it is very encouraging to read the words that full recovery (whatever it may mean) is possible.

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